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1- Who uses your services?

It seems that individuals and especially families are going through a time when we put a lot of burden on ourselves, where everyone seems busy and 24 hours in a day is clearly not enough. Poubelle du ski offers simple and inexpensive solutions to get out of this situation and to enjoy sliding sports. For example, renting skis, snowboards and skates for the season offers a real solution for people who are overworked, overwhelmed and looking for an easy way to take action. Our services will meet each of your specific needs so that your life is full of sports and leisure activities at a cost that will not relax you.

2- Are there registration fees or monthly fees?

We don't believe in the cost of signing up to become a member, or in monthly payments, or in paying up front for services you might not use! Our mission is to provide our customers with a simple formula that depends on the use of skis, snowboards and skates. With Poubelle du ski, you pay for the season. We simply ask you to properly fill the deposit on a credit card before leaving with the equipment, however nothing will be charged to your card if the equipment is returned in September of the following year.

3- How are the prices for ski rentals calculated?

The rental rate is based on the value of the equipment rented. For example, used skis can be rented with a pair of new boots and used poles. Another person who simply wants used skates will obviously pay less! It is possible to rent equipment whose market value varies between $ 20 and $ 1,000.

4- Why do you need my credit card information?

To make the transaction process more fluid and efficient, Poubelle du ski asks its customers to give it a credit card number that will be kept in your file. Credit card numbers are securely stored in our secure database with very limited access.

5- What is the process for hiring the employees of the ski bin?

All of our employees are carefully selected. To do this, we have a rigorous interview process, personal reference checks and employment checks. You can rest assured that the tasks you entrust to us are in the hands of professionals who deserve your trust.

6- Does my personal information remain confidential?

Customers of the rental and sales services offered by Poubelle du ski are treated with professionalism, great respect and of course a promise of confidentiality.

7- How does the ski trash can choose its products?

Poubelle du Ski goes through a rigorous selection process for its purchases of skis, snowboards, technical clothing and skates to ensure that all of our inventory purchases are made to exceed your expectations. In this sense, Poubelle du Ski systematically checks the references concerning the products, obtains warranty confirmations from suppliers better than that offered by all the other existing companies in the market. In addition, and in many cases, our staff use skis, snowboards, technical clothing and skates to ensure that Poubelle du Ski customers receive the very best.